Go further for cooperation opportunities

Go Further for Cooperative Opportunities

– The Second Mayoral Trade Delegation of Ontario to China Another Great Success


The second Mayoral Trade Delegation of Ontario, Canada, organized by the Canada-China Investment Association (CCIA), successfully concluded its visit to the People’s Republic of China from September 19th to 29th, 2015. The ten-day mission focused on education, technology, environment, energy, finance and real estate. Eight mayors from Ontario and representatives from the financial and corporate sectors visited three cities in China, including Beijing, Shanghai, and Fuzhou. The Delegation met with Chinese government officials and executives, and participated in China’s 66th national day celebrations.

Members of the delegation included Toronto Deputy Mayor Denzil Minnan-Wong, Timmins Mayor Steven Black, Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens, Haldimand Mayor Ken Hewitt, Halton Hills Mayor Rick Bonnette, Burlington Mayor Rick Goldring,  Kapuskasing Mayor Alan Spacek, Orangeville Mayor Jeremy D. Williams, and Professors Josie Valotta and Shari Kurgatnikov from the Department of Economics of the University of Toronto.

In Shanghai, the delegation was welcomed by Director Li Xu from the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Shanghai. Mr. Xu presented detailed information on the city’s economic and social developments including its free trade zone and its Technology Innovation Center. He also expressed his enthusiasm for furthering cooperation between China and Canada in various fields.

CJ2W5432_副本Ms. Sophia Ming Sun, President of CCIA, expressed her appreciation to the city government for their attention to the delegation, and the arrangements for their visit, as well as detailing the efforts made by the CCIA in bridging the Sino-Canada economies and cultures. After, the Ontario mayors brought forward their projects on drumming up foreign investment from China. The delegation also attended various events in the city during their visit.

In Fuzhou, the capital of Fujian Province, the delegation received another warm welcome from Mayor Yimin Yang. Mayor Yang hoped the delegation would introduce the city’s investment environment to Canada, and the Canadians originated from Fujian Province would help the development of their old hometown. To Toronto Deputy Mayor, Denzil Minnan-Wong, Fuzhou was close to heart as this was where his father was from. The delegation visited the free trade zone and local well-known businesses during their stay.

In Beijing, Deputy Director Tianxing Tan from the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council met with the Delegation. Mr. Tan praised the friendship between the two countries and the legacy of Dr. Norman Bethune. He claimed that China is undergoing a series of reforms, becoming the world’s second largest economy. During this time, it needs the support from the international community, including Canada. He believed that Chinese-Canadians played a vibrant role in the Canadian economy and society, and the Mayoral Trade Mission would strengthen the tie between the two countries.


As the organizer, Ms. Sophia Ming Sun of CCIA had plenty to be excited about: the attention from the Chinese government that the Mayoral Trade Missions had received in 2013 and now; numerous bilateral projects had been proposed or carried out. She was happy to see the overwhelming responses from the mayors to both trips and the progress made by China. The mayors were impressed by China’s achievements such as high speed trains and modern airports, and look forward to more cooperation and investment from China.


Ms. Sun noted that the trade mission had provided the Canadian mayors the opportunity for a close encounter with China, and provided the opportunity for various levels of governments in China and Chinese companies to learn about the Canadian cities. To be the trade facilitator between China and Canada, according to Mrs. Sun, was the main goal of CCIA.



For more information, please click here to download the Brochure of The Second Mayors Delegation.

First Delegation

CCIA Ontario mayors’ China mission successfully concluded

7165The Mayoral Trade Delegation of Ontario, Canada, organized by the Canada-China Investment Association (CCIA), successfully concluded its visit to the People’s Republic of China from May 15th to 25th, 2013. The ten-day trip added a new chapter to Canada-China trade relations.

According to Ms. Sophia Ming Sun, President of CCIA, this was a high profile visit with a very tight agenda. Below are some highlights of the trip.

On day one, Mr. Guy Saint-Jacques, Canada’s ambassador to China gave the delegation an introduction to China’s current economic development and his well wishes for the trip.  The Delegation met with Mr. Zhenming Chang, President of CITIC Group (China International Trust Investment Corporation). CJ2W2403_副本Mr. Chang vowed to continue expanding CITIC Group’s business outside of China and believed the Mayoral Trade Mission provided an excellent opportunity for both Canada and China. Day one concluded with a visit to Tiananmen Square.

CJ2W3029_副本On Day two, the Delegation attended the China International Economic & Trade Fair in Langfang of Hebei Province. They also met with Mr. Qingwei Zhang (Governor of Hebei), Mr. Boyong Qin (Deputy Governor of Hebei), and a few mayors from the province.

Returning to Beijing, the Delegation was warmly welcomed by Mr. Tan Tianxing, Deputy Director of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council of China. He spoke to the delegation about the friendly cooperation and projects between the two countries, and China’s willingness to vitalize and strengthen such cooperation.

Mr. Tan also praised the role CCIA played in supporting such cooperation. The delegation visited China Canada International School and Guo’ao Group (the investor and developer for the venues of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games).


CJ2W3234_副本In the ancient capital of Xi’an, the mayors toured the Kaidi Rubber Company, met with their counterpart Mayor Weihua Chang, and joined a conference with the provincial Department of Commerce.

In the city of Wuxi, the delegation attended the reception by the city, and toured the Hongdou Group (a leading garments, textiles and accessories producer).

The last stop was Shanghai, where the city’s Huangpu district government held a conference with the delegation on bi-lateral cooperation and exchange.

CCIA’s Sophia Ming Sun believed that the trip was fruitful. Not only did it facilitate the potential for establishing sister cities between Langfang and Waterloo, Cangzhou and St. Catharines, Xianyang and Bellville, but also succeeded in signing the agreement of cooperation between CCIA and the Shaanxi Council for the Promotion of International Economic Cooperation, and having Hongdou Group become an council member of CCIA.


For more information, please click here to download the Brochure of The First Mayors Delegation.

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CCIA was founded

The Canada China Investment Association (CCIA) is a Canada-China investment and bilateral trade facilitator founded in 2008 as a not-for-profit business association. CCIA is an advocate for friendship and culture exchanges between China and Canada and a catalyst for economic trade and Sino-Canadian investment.

Members of CCIA include well known Canadian firms such as Phoenix International Inc., Real One Realty Inc., AimHome Realty Inc., Remax, HomeLife, Dundee Wealth franchise owners as well as Senior Managers from Scotiabank, TD Canada Trust, CIBC and Royal Bank of Canada. CCIA members represent a wide range of sectors, including financial services, real estate, legal services, manufacturing, biotechnology, construction, transportation, mining and energy, information and communication technology, high-tech and education.

CCIA’s head office is located in Markham Ontario. CCIA’s network offers programs and services in both Canada and China, and working on introducing the Canadian business community to opportunities in China’s emerging markets with a platform for business, financial and real estate investment.  Through its services and events, CCIA is committed to provide Sino-Canadian business communities with business insight, intelligence, connections, and networks that help resolve the inevitable challenges of doing business in another country.